How Gangnam Style took over the world of sport - videos

Oct 12, 2012

Formula 1 will be the latest sport to embrace Gangnam Style in South Korea this weekend

SPORT meets Gangnam Style this weekend as the Formula 1 circus rolls into South Korea, home of rapper Psy, the man who introduced the world to the ridiculous dance craze. He will even be on hand at the race to wave the chequered flag at the end of the Grand Prix on Sunday.

Given how popular the song has become, there are bound to be plenty of Gangnam Style related high-jinks over the weekend. Already South Korean police have been spotted doing the horse-riding dance in the stands on the first day of practice, and one driver, Nico Rosberg has promised to perform the signature moves if he makes it on to the podium, after watching Psy in concert this week.

Should he, or any other driver, find himself performing the dance they will be in good company, for sports stars including tennis players, cricketers and footballers across the world have adopted the Gangnam Style celebration.

Just last week, tennis player Novak Djokovic performed the routine after winning the China Open. According to AFP he "looked nervous and reluctant at first following the request by the tournament's compere" but soon got into the swing of things along with the tournament's ball boys and girls.

The West Indian cricket team needed little persuading to perform the dance as they won the World T20 tournament in Sri Lanka earlier this month. Captain Chris Gayle led the celebrations on the pitch and off-field England batsman Kevin Pietersen attempted the dance while commentating, with calamatous results.

Footballers have introduced Gangnam Style to their goal celebrations. One of the first to try it out was Napoli striker Edison Cavani, although his efforts left much to be desired.

In America the craze has really taken off. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders and the team mascot, Captain Fear, put together a shot-for-shot recreation of the Gangnam Style video, with impressive results.

The dance has also made an appearance at Major League baseball when the Washington Nationals mascots - Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt - performed it during a match with the St Louis Cardinals.

A battle has even erupted among college marching bands, who have taken to performing the song during American football matches. One of the most popular on YouTube is by the Oregon Marching Band, which has had 2.5 million hits.

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