Seven ways in which the Commonwealth Games are a bit s***

Jul 30, 2014

Usain Bolt denies calling the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 'a bit s***' – but maybe they are

Andy Buchanan/AFP/Getty Images

Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, has apparently described the Commonwealth Games as "a bit s***".

Asked if he was enjoying himself in Glasgow, the sprinter replied, "Not really," The Times reports. "The Olympics were better," he added

Although he has now denied ever making the comments, here are seven reasons he may have been right:

No China, Russia or USA

Can you really have an athletics competition without inviting the world's best athletes?

Australia winning everything

Australia winning things is galling at the best of times. But in our own backyard, in a competition that seems to be loaded in their favour?

Obscure sports

Squash, lawn bowls and mountain biking? These are not serious sports.

Royal photobombing

Stealing the limelight from sporting heroes and heroines. We are not amused.

The Scottish team uniform

We are fine with the idea of men wearing skirts. But not these skirts.

The Opening Ceremony
Amy McIntosh at the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

Dancing tea cakes. Need we say more?

Rod Stewart and Susan Boyle

Oh wait, yes we do. Rod Stewart and Susan Boyle. Och.

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