Heather Mills 'explodes' in dispute over prosthetic limb

Heather Mills

Paul McCartney's ex-wife 'abuses' sports official and 'lunges' at her during row over Sochi Games ski team

LAST UPDATED AT 11:44 ON Thu 19 Dec 2013

HEATHER MILLS' dream of skiing at the Sochi Winter Olympics is in tatters after she threatened a sports official during a "disgraceful outburst", the Daily Mirror reports.

Mills, the 45-year-old former wife of Paul McCartney, was enraged when she was told a new prosthetic leg she was competing on had not been ratified by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), explains the BBC. Mills reportedly "lunged" at IPC official Sylvana Mestre when the pair met at a hotel in Austria.

As colleagues rushed to Mestre's aid, Mills reportedly screamed: "You bitch, you bitch. Don't you know who I am? I will make your life a misery."

The incident has left Mills' dreams of a medal in "tatters", says the Daily Express and she may face disciplinary action by the IPC.

Mills, who lost her left leg in a motorbike accident in 1993, had been told to stay away from the coaches meeting at the Austrian hotel after her prosthetic was ruled ineligible. But she went to the event and reportedly "exploded" after Mestre confirmed that the artificial leg was not valid for competition, the Express says.

Mestre, 58, told the paper: "Heather tried to grab me. I was in a state of shock, I was completely taken aback. I don't want to discuss it further, I want to put it behind me."

The incident was witnessed by 10 IPC members, including Slovakian coach Branislav Mazgut. He said: "I saw Heather Mills storm up to Sylvana and look as if she was about to push her in the chest before starting to shout at her. I heard Sylvana say: 'Please don't touch me, please don't hit me'."

A statement issued by Mills' representative gives a very different account of events.

"Heather waited patiently (as IPC confirmed) to try and explain to Sylvana Mestre that her left boot was legal and purely cosmetic to abide by the archaic IPC rules," the statement said. "Sylvana shouted at Heather, would not let Tony [the GB coach] speak or explain, and stormed back to the boardroom raised table."

Mills's coach John Clark said he planned to make a formal complaint about the behaviour of Mestre, claiming there was a "vendetta" against Mills and that Mestre had "deliberately put barriers in the way" to halt her progress. · 

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Yet for sure Heather is the quiet shy retiring type of person wo would never lose her temper , shout at someone or say 'don't you know who I am' - she is forever being picked on by people just plain jealous of her - Does anyone know why she keeps getting publicity
Oh she has a publicist
I didn't know

Well, she could have hit out with her prosthetic leg.

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