£1 billion shortfall in 4G auction gives Osborne a new headache

Wed 20 Feb, AT 09:51
The Mole

Chancellor was expecting a billion more to help fund growth when he gave his Autumn Statement

No 10 complains over Osborne's bruising bout with Evan Davis

Media Watch
Fri 7 Dec, AT 09:36

'It could have been better handled,' BBC executive admits – but Davis is off the hook for tough interview

Vodafone hit by Euro crisis

One-Minute Read
Wed 14 Nov, AT 13:27

Goverment austerity measures across Europe forces telecommunications giant forced to write off billions in debt

iPhone 5 users face extra £120 charge for high-speed 4G

One-Minute Read
Mon 8 Oct, AT 09:46

And that's despite the fact that 4G is cheaper to run for phone companies than existing 3G

First 4G network could launch this month after peace talks

One-Minute Read
Tue 2 Oct, AT 15:24

Plans to bring airspace auction forward could stave off legal threat from EE rivals

4G phones come to UK - but will iPhone 5 be among them?

Tue 11 Sep, AT 14:11

After years of delay, a 4G mobile network will be launched by EE in four UK cities within weeks

Google Glass

Why would I want Google Glasses - and what are they for?

Thu 5 Apr, AT 14:22

Google has unveiled its Project Glass 'augmented reality glasses' – and the future is covered in ads

HTC mobile phone

Spectrum auction for 4G delayed for several months

Tue 6 Sep, AT 10:43

Business digest: Mobile phone companies object to Ofcom document setting out terms for auction