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Bieber fever more contagious than measles, claim scientists

The Tabloids
Mon 18 Jun, AT 12:35

Red top tales: Justin Bieber mania goes viral, Lindsay Lohan uneasy about graphic sex scenes

Trayvon Martin

Justice Florida-style: will this vigilante get away with murder?

Wed 21 Mar, AT 08:03
Charles Laurence

Public outcry after self-styled neighbourhood watch man seeks protection of controversial self-defence law

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Oi, Ahmadinejad! 9/11 was us, says angry al-Qaeda

Thu 29 Sep, AT 14:55

Terror group slams Iranian president’s conspiracy theories and accuses him of not being properly anti-American

Twin Towers

The top ten 9/11 conspiracy theories

Thu 1 Sep, AT 14:52

The CIA (or Mossad or China) did it - The First Post's guide to the best conspiracy theories

Bombing of United Nations HQ in Abuja, Nigeria by Boko Haram

Killing of al-Qaeda’s No 2: good news and bad for CIA

Tue 30 Aug, AT 08:36
Crispin Black

New al-Qaeda branches open all the time – but can they still replicate the 9/11 atrocity?

Twin Towers

All you need to know about 9/11 – except WHY?

Wed 17 Aug, AT 15:30
Michael Bywater

A litany of cock-ups and confusion, but 10 years on from the attack, we are no wiser

Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch

Rebekah Brooks quits as FBI launches 9/11 probe

Fri 15 Jul, AT 11:43

In London Murdoch accepts resignation of newspaper chief; in New York the pressure builds on his US operation