UK storms

18 Feb, 2014

Final floods damage bill could cost insurers as much as £1bn, prompting fears of a rise in premiums

14 Feb, 2014

Cost of the bad weather could reach £1bn, with claims expected to hit £30,000 each

12 Feb, 2014

The Thames Barrier has been raised 28 times in the last ten weeks – that's 20% of the total since it was built

12 Feb, 2014

Cameron's pledge that 'We are a wealthy country' has Whitehall spin doctors rowing quickly backwards

10 Feb, 2014

As Lord Smith tries to defend Environment Agency, Baroness Young's spell in charge raises questions

10 Feb, 2014

The trouble with building flood defences is that it encourages risky development, says Keith Beven

06 Feb, 2014

Environment Secretary's emergency operation means trusty Eric Pickles now takes charge of flooding

03 Jan, 2014

Flood warnings issued across the UK as high tides combine with Atlantic storms to pose threat to life

03 Jan, 2014

As Cobra meets to discuss flooding, Environment Secretary is left in deep water by predecessor