AA Gill

AA Gill rewarded for Morrissey hatchet job

One-Minute Read
Wed 12 Feb, AT 10:20

Withering review of The Smiths frontman's autobiography is hailed as an 'expert caning'

Kafka meets Monty Python in revival of Pinter's Hothouse

Hot Ticket
Tue 14 May, AT 07:32

John Simm is the perfect foil to Simon Russell Beale in this pithy political farce written half a century ago

Mary Beard

Women shocked at 'vile' online abuse suffered by Mary Beard

Talking Point
Tue 22 Jan, AT 11:53

Cambridge academic's face superimposed onto a vagina as part of abuse 'designed to silence women'

Kate Humble

Kate Humble: sexism is 'excuse' for women who miss out on TV jobs

First Post
Fri 8 Jun, AT 18:18

'People come in and out of fashion - it's just the way it is,' says former Springwatch presenter

Mary Beard

Mary Beard takes AA Gill to task over 'carping sexism'

First Post
Tue 24 Apr, AT 14:55

Historian exacts revenge in the Daily Mail after Sunday Times critic says she should not be allowed on TV

Mary Beard and Samantha Brick

Samantha Brick v Mary Beard, 'beauty' takes on the 'beast'

Media Watch
Wed 2 May, AT 15:02

The Mail's secret weapon is at it again, branding popular TV historian 'too ugly'

Ferran Adria

Mollusc jelly and frozen foie gras: farewell El Bulli

Tue 26 Jul, AT 16:42
Venetia Rainey

As the best restaurant in the world closes this week, The First Post looks at what we’ll be missing

Mick Fitzgerald and Clare Balding

Clare Balding delighted at ‘dyke on a bike’ ruling

Fri 17 Sep, AT 10:12

BBC sports presenter’s complaint against AA Gill is upheld by press watchdog

An olive baboon, of the kind shot AA Gill

Twitter lynch mob goes for baboon killer AA Gill

Tue 27 Oct, AT 14:39

But after Jan Moir, there are signs that Twitterers are learning to use their power more responsibly