AC Milan

04 Feb, 2013

As Manchester City slip further behind United, Balotelli shows his old team what might have been

31 Jan, 2013

The madcap former Man City striker was mobbed outside a Milan restaurant before things turned nasty

Mario Balotelli
30 Jan, 2013

There was never a dull moment, on or off the field, with the maverick Manchester City player

30 Jan, 2013

If Manchester City do land Villa, it will be a blow to Arsenal who were told by Barcelona to back off

24 Jan, 2013

Fernando Llorente to join Juventus, so will Bendtner head back to the Emirates?

22 Jan, 2013

But Wenger keeps fans guessing as he seeks new faces. Will United ditch David De Gea?

Theo Walcott
11 Jan, 2013

Wenger says Gunners might not buy, as they are linked to Remy and Capoue

04 Jan, 2013

Protest 'has done more to tackle racism in one day than Uefa has managed in decades'

18 Dec, 2012

Walcott scores in 5-2 victory at Reading but is coy about his future with the Gunners

Pep Guardiola
26 Nov, 2012

The treatment of Roberto Di Matteo makes it less likely Guardiola will heed the Russian's overtures