Adam Boulton

26 Jun, 2013

Chancellor's Spending Review sends clear signal the Tories will go into election as cost-cutting party

04 Mar, 2013

Will a mooted by-election in Sutton Coldfield give Farage his media breakthrough, asks Nigel Horne

08 Feb, 2013

From a fish in a wheelchair to the pictures Beyonce didn’t want you to see, plus a young Adam Boulton

24 Oct, 2012

Media baron calls Paxo 'priggish' and Adam Boulton a 'jackass' en route to Have I Got News For You

04 Sep, 2012

Tory MPs delighted by new role for a winning Tory Chancellor from the 1990s. But what will George say?

14 Aug, 2012

Political editors heap praise on movie version of colleague Tom Bradby's Northern Ireland drama

20 Jun, 2012

Reports of blackmail and leaky buses filter back from the frontline of geopolitics

18 Jun, 2012

While the Tory and Lib Dem leaders fly off to G20 and Rio+20 summits, their MPs are fighting for the soul of the government

18 Jan, 2012

Frustration at Leveson lawyer's interrogation of Guardian editor lands Sky man in trouble

Facebook campaign to sack BBC Political editor Nick Robinson
14 May, 2010

Facebook members call for BBC to fire political editor for ‘Tory bias’