Adam Lanza

11 Mar, 2014

Vigilante's latest stunt comes as Idaho passes law allowing students to carry weapons on campus

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10 Mar, 2014

Adam Lanza went from buying toys for needy children to a mass murderer, says father Peter

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26 Nov, 2013

Adam Lanza wrote book about children being slaughtered years before carrying out murders

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04 Apr, 2013

State introduces America's toughest gun-control laws following murder of 20 children and six adults

28 Mar, 2013

Killer had articles about school massacres and the NRA's guide to the basics of pistol shooting

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15 Jan, 2013

Pro-gun lobbyists called ‘hypocritical’ after blaming video games for Sandy Hook school massacre

04 Jan, 2013

As Newton's elementary schoolchildren are bussed to a new school, real gun reform looks as unlikely as ever

21 Dec, 2012

The rhetoric and the reality: pro-guns NRA said to signing up 8,000 new members a day

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19 Dec, 2012

Even the pro-guns National Rifle Association agrees to enter discussions after Sandy Hook tragedy

17 Dec, 2012

Political reality means President Obama faces uphill battle to introduce gun controls