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Adrian Searle

Whaam! Roy Lichtenstein at Tate Modern is 'magnificent'

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Wed 20 Feb, AT 07:36

This show tells a compelling story about the most intellectual of the Pop Artists

RA's Edouard Manet portrait show is 'unforgettable'

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Wed 23 Jan, AT 07:46

Range and variety of Manet's subjects, from family to fashionistas, are a 'revelation'

Tino Sehgal engages Tate visitors with These Associations

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Wed 25 Jul, AT 07:18

Spectators become participants in this timely, intimate antidote to the brouhaha of the Olympics

New Tate show introduces a thoroughly modern Munch

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Thu 28 Jun, AT 07:39

Tate Modern reveals a lesser-known Edvard Munch, but some miss the famously tortured artist

Yoko Ono art

Yoko Ono gets some overdue recognition with To the Light

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Wed 20 Jun, AT 08:31

Serpentine retrospective does justice to this elusive, misunderstood but significant artist

Crowd-pleaser loses out as Turner Prize goes to Boyce

Talking Point
Tue 6 Dec, AT 12:28

Martin Boyce's art might have intellectual rigour, but the record crowds visiting the Baltic preferred George Shaw's paintings