Afghanistan Woman
In Depth
24 Jun, 2015

In 1923 Afghan law gave women equal rights, but the Soviet invasion – and the Taliban – brought violence and oppression

Taliban attack Afghan parliament
One-Minute Read
22 Jun, 2015

Fighters attempt to storm building as MPs prepare to confirm appointment of new defence minister

One-Minute Read
05 Jun, 2015

Seven people were taken to hospital after being discovered in storage containers at a port in Essex

One-Minute Read
08 Mar, 2015

From an avalanche in Afghanistan to Harrison Ford's plane crash and a pampered pooch at Crufts

One-Minute Read
14 Jan, 2015

Fighting breaks out as former Guantanamo detainee sets up Islamic State network in Afghanistan

In Depth
01 Oct, 2014

Generations of girls are dressed up as boys so that they can be afforded basic freedoms – but at what cost?

One-Minute Read
22 Sep, 2014

Ashraf Ghani becomes president of Afghanistan five months after first votes were cast

The Guest
05 Sep, 2014

Dan Stevens reveals his 'mesmerising' dark side in 'bonkers' new thriller about a returned soldier

Taliban video showing Sgt Bowe Bergdahl being handed over to US forces
One-Minute Read
09 Jun, 2014

Returned prisoner refuses to speak to family and objects to hospital staff calling him 'sergeant'

Afghan commandos sit on their vehicle after a clash with Taliban fighters
In Depth
30 May, 2014

Analysts say the Taliban is growing in strength as Nato forces begin their withdrawal