Crispin Black
07 Apr, 2014

Let the veterans of Helmand take over the army - we might stand a chance of winning next time

31 Mar, 2014

Three news books suggest Britain's adventure in Afghanistan was a horrible waste of lives and money

Afghanistan elections
In Depth
24 Mar, 2014

As international troops begin to leave Afghanistan and violence continues, the world is watching this crucial vote

25 Feb, 2014

It’s oil. Self-sufficient in energy because of shale oil, the US no longer needs to fret about the sheiks

One-Minute Read
13 Feb, 2014

US officials have strongly criticised the release of 65 'dangerous' detainees from Bagram

31 Jan, 2014

War porn or critique of the American military machine? Film about Navy Seals in Afghanistan triggers debate

29 Jan, 2014

President promises action on 'bread-and-butter' issues, but 'audacity of hope' has evaporated

One-Minute Read
14 Jan, 2014

Lawyers argued man would face persecution for renouncing his faith if he returned to his homeland

Robert Fox
17 Dec, 2013

Brave talk cannot hide the risk of Afghanistan being a hub for resurgent al-Qaeda groups

One-Minute Read
05 Dec, 2013

Sergeant Alexander Wayne Blackman loses right to anonymity after conviction for 'cold-blooded' killing