Afghan atheist granted asylum in Britain on religious grounds

One-Minute Read Tue 14 Jan, AT 09:41

Lawyers argued man would face persecution for renouncing his faith if he returned to his homeland

Robert Fox

Afghan 'mission accomplished': Cameron's hostage to fortune

Tue 17 Dec, AT 08:05 Robert Fox

Brave talk cannot hide the risk of Afghanistan being a hub for resurgent al-Qaeda groups

Royal Marine who murdered Taliban is named by judges

One-Minute Read Thu 5 Dec, AT 12:31

Sergeant Alexander Wayne Blackman loses right to anonymity after conviction for 'cold-blooded' killing

Hamid Karzai

UK has failed in Afghanistan, says President Hamid Karzai

One-Minute Read Tue 8 Oct, AT 09:45

British troops and Nato haven't stabilised the country and 'caused a lot of suffering', he claims

Afghanistan: Taliban kill 4 US soldiers before peace talks

First Reaction Wed 19 Jun, AT 09:32

Just hours after Washington said it would hold talks with insurgents, two rockets strike Bagram air base

British troops in Afghanistan

British soldiers admit abusing Afghan civilians

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Jun, AT 15:23

One soldier admits to asking male child to touch his 'special place'; second confesses racial abuse

Sgt Robert Bales

US soldier Bales escapes death penalty over Afghan massacre

First Reaction Thu 30 May, AT 15:01

Plea bargain likely to cause tension as villagers want sergeant who killed 16 people executed

Drone clampdown as Obama rethinks US terror strategy

Talking Point Fri 24 May, AT 14:48

'Boundless' war on terror must come to an end says President as he seeks to balance freedom and security

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett: Why I confronted Woolwich attackers

Video Thu 23 May, AT 10:01

Mother-of-two pictured speaking to knife-wielding assailant told him: 'You are going to lose'

Afghan interpreters can live in UK to avoid Taliban revenge

First Reaction Wed 22 May, AT 08:57

Government climbdown gives 600 interpreters right to move, but what message does it send?