Sgt Robert Bales

US soldier Bales escapes death penalty over Afghan massacre

First Reaction
Thu 30 May, AT 15:01

Plea bargain likely to cause tension as villagers want sergeant who killed 16 people executed

Drone clampdown as Obama rethinks US terror strategy

Talking Point
Fri 24 May, AT 14:48

'Boundless' war on terror must come to an end says President as he seeks to balance freedom and security

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett: Why I confronted Woolwich attackers

Thu 23 May, AT 10:01

Mother-of-two pictured speaking to knife-wielding assailant told him: 'You are going to lose'

Afghan interpreters can live in UK to avoid Taliban revenge

First Reaction
Wed 22 May, AT 08:57

Government climbdown gives 600 interpreters right to move, but what message does it send?

Crispin Black

Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif is right to oppose Obama's drones

Tue 14 May, AT 11:39
Crispin Black

A recent survey suggests that 75% of Pakistanis dislike the USA and it's mainly because of drones

Why did Mastiff patrol vehicle not save troops from IED?

First Reaction
Wed 1 May, AT 14:49

No-one had died in a Mastiff until yesterday's attack on British troops in Helmand province

Afghanistan war

IED kills three British troops in Helmand province

First Reaction
Wed 1 May, AT 09:18

PM admits UK is paying 'high price' for Afghanistan mission as British death toll rises to 444

Robert Fox

Jargon and dogma: what reading list reveals about military

Tue 23 Apr, AT 11:05
Robert Fox

Future wars will be fought by British commanders well versed in the rhetoric of management schools

Boston: whoever did it knows how Taliban make their bombs

First Post
Wed 17 Apr, AT 07:24

It doesn't necessarily mean the FBI are hunting a foreigner - signs still point to 'domestic terrorism'

Afghanistan needs interpreters to be brave and stay at home

Wed 10 Apr, AT 12:19
Crispin Black

It is not Britain's 'moral obligation' to give the Army's Afghan war interpreters automatic asylum here