05 Dec, 2013

Sergeant Alexander Wayne Blackman loses right to anonymity after conviction for 'cold-blooded' killing

Hamid Karzai
08 Oct, 2013

British troops and Nato haven't stabilised the country and 'caused a lot of suffering', he claims

19 Jun, 2013

Just hours after Washington said it would hold talks with insurgents, two rockets strike Bagram air base

British troops in Afghanistan
04 Jun, 2013

One soldier admits to asking male child to touch his 'special place'; second confesses racial abuse

Sgt Robert Bales
30 May, 2013

Plea bargain likely to cause tension as villagers want sergeant who killed 16 people executed

24 May, 2013

'Boundless' war on terror must come to an end says President as he seeks to balance freedom and security

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett
23 May, 2013

Mother-of-two pictured speaking to knife-wielding assailant told him: 'You are going to lose'

22 May, 2013

Government climbdown gives 600 interpreters right to move, but what message does it send?

Crispin Black
14 May, 2013

A recent survey suggests that 75% of Pakistanis dislike the USA and it's mainly because of drones

01 May, 2013

No-one had died in a Mastiff until yesterday's attack on British troops in Helmand province