Troops out! Pressure grows to stop wasting lives in Afghanistan

Tue 18 Sep, AT 09:30 The Mole

‘Green on blue’ killings are last straw for politicians who agree British lives are being sacrificed needlessly

Christopher Stevens latest US ambassador to die on duty

First Post Wed 12 Sep, AT 16:11

The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi claimed another life in America’s senior diplomatic ranks


Reshuffle: Give Lib Dems their own departments to run

Opinion digest Mon 3 Sep, AT 10:43

Opinion Digest: Bold option in Cabinet reshuffle; the breakdown in trust in Afghanistan

Clint Eastwood steals Romney show with interrogation of chair

One-Minute Read Fri 31 Aug, AT 09:43

Surprise guest goes wildly off-message at Republican convention before Mitt Romney's big moment

Seventeen beheaded by Taliban for mixed-sex dancing

One-Minute Read Mon 27 Aug, AT 11:45

Afghans say mixed-sex party ended in killings by fundamental Islamist group

Robert Fox

Olympics fiasco shows the case for a voluntary National Service

Wed 18 Jul, AT 07:51 Robert Fox

With the British Army asked to do more with less, a youth public service scheme makes sense