11 Jan, 2013

The campaign that has cost the Army 439 lives in Afghanistan was never endorsed by MPs

08 Jan, 2013

Republicans loathe Hagel, Democrats distrust Brennan, liberals loves Prof Krugman. But he's not interested

03 Jan, 2013

Fears that violence will escalate after killing of Taliban leader praised for peaceful stance with Pakistan

02 Jan, 2013

He says he supports girls' education – yet he had acid thrown at female students who dressed immodestly

02 Jan, 2013

Britain's role in conflict called into question by feared Afghan leader in withering interview

20 Nov, 2012

Examination of the use of armed drones could help lift lid on 'America's secret war'

Robert Fox
09 Nov, 2012

Remember Afghanistan – 30 years after the US armed the Mujahideen, we're still fighting Taliban

06 Nov, 2012

Election briefing: where the two candidates stand on the key issues facing the United States today

15 Oct, 2012

Birmingham hospital chosen for expertise in military injuries - and US transfer was politically difficult

12 Oct, 2012

Ministry of Defence acts after soldier claims killing of insurgent last year broke strict rules of engagement