MPs to question use of drones amid concerns over their ethics

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Tue 20 Nov, AT 08:56

Examination of the use of armed drones could help lift lid on 'America's secret war'

Robert Fox

Hold on, Dave: arming Syria's rebels could make things worse

Fri 9 Nov, AT 12:25
Robert Fox

Remember Afghanistan – 30 years after the US armed the Mujahideen, we're still fighting Taliban

What you get when you vote Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

Tue 6 Nov, AT 11:30

Election briefing: where the two candidates stand on the key issues facing the United States today

Why Malala Yousafzai is flying to Britain for NHS treatment

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Mon 15 Oct, AT 13:21

Birmingham hospital chosen for expertise in military injuries - and US transfer was politically difficult

'Murder in Helmand': why have seven Marines been arrested?

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Fri 12 Oct, AT 08:25

Ministry of Defence acts after soldier claims killing of insurgent last year broke strict rules of engagement


Troops out! Pressure grows to stop wasting lives in Afghanistan

Tue 18 Sep, AT 09:30
The Mole

‘Green on blue’ killings are last straw for politicians who agree British lives are being sacrificed needlessly

Christopher Stevens latest US ambassador to die on duty

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Wed 12 Sep, AT 16:11

The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi claimed another life in America’s senior diplomatic ranks