Bob Diamond

Should you follow Bob Diamond into Africa?

Personal Finance Fri 13 Dec, AT 15:25

The former banker’s new African venture is not without risk, but he could be riding a rising tide

Chinua Achebe, the 'Mandela of Literature', dies at 82

Summary Fri 22 Mar, AT 16:06

Six things you may not know about man who became an emblem of modern Africa after writing Things Fall Apart

Justin Welby: conflict resolution specialist for a warring Church

Talking Point Thu 8 Nov, AT 13:34

Next Archbishop of Canterbury has negotiating skills - but can he bat off 'Old Etonian' insults?


You're either Downton Abbey or Homeland – or a lunatic

Opinion digest Tue 16 Oct, AT 12:16

Opinion digest: the Sunday night dilemma, African leaders, absurdity of the ‘feminist' Julia Gillard

Stelios EasyJet

Sir Stelios's Fastjet to bring low-cost flights to Africa

One-Minute Read Wed 13 Jun, AT 16:17

EasyJet breathes a sigh of relief as former chairman leaves European market to bring budget airline to Africa

From Yemen to Africa, al-Qaeda's latest comeback is underway

Wed 23 May, AT 09:24 Robert Fox

Assassination of Osama bin Laden and regular drone attacks have done nothing to halt the rise of a third generation al-Qaeda

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof slams reporter who 'lectured' him on tax morals

One-Minute Read Wed 16 May, AT 11:49

Fund-raiser suggests his 'time' is a tax payment and asks hack how many irrigation ditches her salary has dug

Ugandans capture Joseph Kony's henchman, Caesar Achellam

One-Minute Read Sun 13 May, AT 15:03

Lord's Resistance Army leader remains on the run, but capture of Achellam is major coup