Ai Weiwei

02 Oct, 2014

Cultures and values collide in 'magical feast of images' by China's eloquent artist-activist

07 Dec, 2012

Salman Rushdie calls author a 'patsy' as he compares censorship to airport security

11 Oct, 2012

Communist Party welcomes China's first Nobel Prize for Literature, but fellow artists are unimpressed

Ai WeiWei
10 Aug, 2012

First-time documentary maker creates a riveting portrait of the unrepentant Chinese dissident artist

23 Dec, 2011

Chinese dissident goes to jail as authorities give out harshest sentence yet for failed 'Jasmine Revolution'

21 Nov, 2011

Artist in trouble with the authorities again – this time over nude photos police find ‘obscene’

japan tsunami destruction debris
Ai Weiwei at the Tate Modern
06 Apr, 2011

Chinese paper calls artist ‘stubborn and unruly’ and tells West to mind its own business

ai weiwei detained missing
04 Apr, 2011

China wants everyone to know that the time for open dissent is over, says Amnesty official