Al Gore

New York, People's Climate March

Climate change marches: hundreds of thousands demand action

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Mon 22 Sep, AT 09:42

Protesters including politicians and celebrities warn climate change is 'biggest threat humanity has faced'

Rupert Murdoch's Sky could face serious rival in Liberty Global

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Tue 5 Feb, AT 09:57

Billionaire tycoon John Malone's company in takeover talks with Virgin media

Crispin Black

And behold, Christianity is a lot tougher than it looks

Thu 22 Nov, AT 10:36
Crispin Black

Not everyone is crying about the Synod's No vote on women bishops. Crispin Black, for one

US election: legal battles have already begun in key states

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Mon 5 Nov, AT 15:50

With shades of 2000, lawyers for Obama and Romney are facing off in the key states of Florida and Ohio

Romney poll surge: grim for Obama, or par for the course?

Talking Point
Tue 9 Oct, AT 11:07

Two weeks after he risked alienating half of US with his '47 per cent' remark, Romney is back in the race

James Lovelock

James Lovelock admits being 'alarmist' over climate change

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Tue 24 Apr, AT 12:34

Gaia theorist admits he made a 'mistake' but insists he is not a climate denier

Al Gore blasts News Corp for ‘ideological agenda’

Fri 20 May, AT 10:32

Former US veep furious after Murdoch closes down his Current TV in Italy

Al Gore at Copenhagen

Two more masseuses claim Al Gore abused them

Thu 22 Jul, AT 08:19

National Enquirer raises further claims of sexual demands by former VP

Al Gore at Copenhagen

Police reopen Al Gore massage sex assault case

Thu 1 Jul, AT 13:21

New interview reveals identity of masseuse who claims Gore groped her

Al Gore at Copenhagen

Massage therapist claims Al Gore attacked her

Thu 24 Jun, AT 14:53

Vice President became angry when I refused his request to ‘go lower’ claims masseuse