Al Pacino

'Bad hair day': Al Pacino's Phil Spector divides critics

First Reaction
Fri 15 Mar, AT 16:50

Can the Oscar-winner act his way past a procession of hair-raising wigs? It depends on who you listen to

Al Pacino steals Glengarry Glenn Ross – in a bad way

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Mon 10 Dec, AT 15:42

The Hollywood actor's star-power and mannered performance unbalance David Mamet's play

David Mamet's big flop reveals truth about Broadway

Fri 7 Dec, AT 11:11
Charles Laurence

One Mamet play flops in New York while another, starring Al Pacino, rakes it in. Coincidence? No

Kate and Wills to holiday on rat-infested South Pacific island

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Fri 31 Aug, AT 10:58

Tabloid Tales: Kate and Wills's second honeymoon, deadly viper in Essex, Rihanna in Scarface

Kervorkian Murray

‘Dr Death’ steps in as Jacko is finally buried

Thu 3 Sep, AT 09:48

Jack Kevorkian says the pop star’s physician should not be prosecuted because he gave Jackson what he wanted