Crispin Black

Mayhem in Iraq: don’t expect Blair & Co to take blame for Isis

Thu 12 Jun, AT 08:20 Crispin Black

Murderous militants have exploited West’s botched foreign policy. But will anyone accept responsibility?

Why bomb victim Adrianne Haslet-Davis is US talisman

First Reaction Wed 24 Apr, AT 09:26

Gutsy 32-year-old dancer vows to run next Boston marathon and says bombers 'won't steal my life'

Tigantourine, Algeria hostage crisis

23 hostages and 32 terrorists dead as dust settles in Algeria

Summary Sun 20 Jan, AT 10:28

Bloodbath at gas plant leads to fears that Sahara could become a terrorist haven like Afghanistan

Mass grave at Houla after Syria massacre

What now for Syria as massacre leaves peace process in shreds?

Talking Point Sun 27 May, AT 08:12

More than 90 people, including 32 children, killed as troops shell the village of Houla

Al-Qaeda alert: tentacles spread despite the killing of Bin Laden

Tue 14 Feb, AT 07:52 Robert Fox

Two massive car bombs in Syria and 100 deaths in Mali show al-Qaeda mean business again

Al-Qaeda has only two danger men left, but one is a star

One-Minute Read Thu 24 Nov, AT 15:00

The danger from al-Qaeda in Pakistan is said to be diminished – but they still have Abu Yahya al-Libi

Welcome to America - now a banana republic

Thu 20 Oct, AT 11:24 Alexander Cockburn

Our rapidly expanding drone empire can kill foreigners or Americans with impunity