Obama bayonets defensive Romney in final debate

Talking Point Tue 23 Oct, AT 10:37

Republican was too defensive for many, as polls suggest Obama won final debate – but do voters care about foreign policy?

Federal Reserve bomb suspect is latest victim of FBI sting

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Oct, AT 08:47

Bangladeshi man arrested after trying to blow up New York bank with fake bomb supplied by FBI

Heathrow arrests: are Islamists training in Syria for attacks in UK?

Wed 10 Oct, AT 13:17 Robert Fox

Terror arrests reflect a new mood of apprehension over the fallout from the Arab Spring

Obama called off Bin Laden raid three times, says Miniter

One-Minute Read Tue 21 Aug, AT 09:54

Investigative journalist Richard Miniter says killing of Osama was pushed through by Hillary Clinton

Syria chemical weapons warning- threat or reassurance?

First Reaction Tue 24 Jul, AT 09:07

West condemns threat to use WMD against foreign forces: 'the world is watching' says Obama

Syrian rebels 'hit the jackpot' as bomb strikes at Assad's heart

Talking Point Thu 19 Jul, AT 08:57

Key advisers killed in audacious Damascus blast, but how will Russia react?

G4S whistleblower: 50 per cent chance of Olympics bomb

First Post Fri 13 Jul, AT 10:16

Slack guards have missed mock bombs and weapons, says expert employed to train Games security staff

Adam Gemili

Adam Gemili, Chelsea trainee turned Olympic teen sensation

Profile Thu 28 Jun, AT 15:26

The fastest member of Team GB only became a serious athlete this year

Toulouse Bank Hostages

'Al-Qaeda gunman' takes four hostages in Toulouse

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Jun, AT 13:11

Area evacuated as shots reportedly fired at bank in the southwest of the city