Al-Qaida 'lapping up' reports of Snowden leaks says MI6 boss

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Nov, AT 16:19

Media coverage of leaked documents is making work of British spies 'far, far harder' MPs are told

Afghanistan: Taliban kill 4 US soldiers before peace talks

First Reaction Wed 19 Jun, AT 09:32

Just hours after Washington said it would hold talks with insurgents, two rockets strike Bagram air base

Crispin Black

Cameron needs to get a grip of Islamist extremism in Britain

Thu 23 May, AT 11:37 Crispin Black

Jihadist propaganda and the vilest slurs against our armed forces have gone unchallenged for too long

Did CIA mislead makers of Zero Dark Thirty movie?

First Post Fri 4 Jan, AT 13:19

US Senate Intelligence Committee demands more information about CIA link to awards favourite

Mumbai: why al-Qaeda cannot be ruled out

Fri 5 Dec, AT 12:51 Robert Fox

The West must sharpen its intelligence gathering to pick up on the ever-evolving tactics and personnel of Islamist terrorist groups

The fatal delay that allowed terrorists to besiege a city

News Fri 5 Dec, AT 11:23

A security consultant reveals how too few Indian commandos were sent in to Mumbai – and how their deployment was delayed by hours

Questions from Mumbai

Mon 1 Dec, AT 09:43 Robert Fox

Robert Fox on the immediate questions raised by Mumbai, not only in India but across the world