Alan Hansen

Phil Neville
07 Aug, 2014

Not everyone is pleased to hear that the former Man United defender will be on the sofa

TV pundit and Liverpool icon Alan Hansen
16 Jul, 2014

Pundit bows out by admitting he was wrong to question Arsenal winger's ability

19 Dec, 2013

BBC pundit is still attracting headlines during his final few months with the corporation

05 Sep, 2013

Former Liverpool defender who's been on the show from the start says he'll retire at end of season

02 Aug, 2013

'Sarcastic' pundit loses his place in ageing first team but Lineker, Shearer and Hansen keep their jobs

15 May, 2013

Veteran pundit may not stay on when his contract ends next year, but Phil Neville says no to Auntie

Luton Town celebrate FA Cup win over Norwich
28 Jan, 2013

Have upsets given cup competition the 'kiss of life' or embarrassed English football?

05 Nov, 2012

Commentators and fans can't believe they saw Arsenal defender's sycophantic approach to RVP

Euro 2012 fans
02 Jul, 2012

Who gets the brickbats, who gets the plaudits among players, managers, commentators and fans?

22 Dec, 2011

Twitter fury after Match of the Day pundit breaks taboo with 'breathtakingly ignorant' comments on racism