Alan Partridge

Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge in Alpha Papa
07 Aug, 2013

Critics call film debut of Steve Coogan's hapless talk show host a masterclass in comedy

Steve Coogan
13 Jun, 2013

Mixed reviews as promo for Steve Coogan's hostage drama starring Norfolk DJ comes out - video

17 Apr, 2013

He plays a porn king in 'The Look of Love' but a certain Radio Norwich DJ comes back to haunt him

21 Jan, 2013

Sundance Film Festival: Coogan gives Alan Partridge the slip to play King of Soho in 'The Look of Love'

26 Jul, 2012

BBC claims its Twitter feed was hacked after post making light of domestic violence

Mural of Justin Bieber in a Rio drugs lord's home
30 Nov, 2010

Police in Brazil stunned to find Alan Partridge-style tribute to teen pop star