Alan Yentob

Pension and a salary at same time: a great BBC tradition

Media Watch
Fri 23 Nov, AT 12:25

New D-G Tony Hall will collect a pension on top of his salary: it’s a perk enjoyed by others at the BBC

BBC staff welcome new Director-General Tony Hall

First Reaction
Thu 22 Nov, AT 15:05

But new boss might be controversial for some older BBC staff, as he was close to the unpopular John Birt

Alan Yentob

‘Alan Yentob to go’ - is it just wishful thinking?

Wed 13 Oct, AT 12:50

Friends cannot believe Alan Yentob would quit the Beeb. On the other hand, he can certainly afford to...

A study of evolution that puts Bragg above Yentob

Fri 9 Jan, AT 00:00

Radio 4’s celebration of Darwin shows Melvyn Bragg is better adapted to his habitat than Alan Yentob, says Antonia Quirke