Alastair Cook

Brendon McCullum and Jos Buttler
10 Jun, 2015

If England beat Australia this summer they will have the Kiwis to thank for inspiring a new attitude on and off the field

26 May, 2015

Swashbuckling cricket played in front of genuine fans sets the tone for England's summer

16 Apr, 2015

Cricket pundit presages England skipper's latest dismissal with high praise

 Kevin Pietersen and Matt Prior celebrating winning a match in 2010
07 Oct, 2014

Batsman accuses team-mates of bullying in 'biggest work of fiction since Jules Verne'

Kevin Peitersen
05 Feb, 2014

'Unanimous' decision to sack KP designed to restore England team ethic, but fans are furious

25 Nov, 2013

Batsman flies home with stress-related illness as England tour descends into acrimony after defeat

13 Nov, 2013

Australian skipper's attempt to unsettle England by 'naming' their team falls flat

Shane Warne
08 Nov, 2013

Aussie spinner takes it upon himself to try and undermine England's captain ahead of the Ashes

In Depth
06 Nov, 2013

The 33-year-old certain to resume international career after overcoming serious illness