Albert Einstein

Time travel: four ways in which it could be possible

Fri 30 Jan, AT 13:14

Some physicists are convinced that time travel is possible. Here's how we might move through the fourth dimension

Amy Gillan; Doctor Who; Matt Smith

Science shows why Doctor Who is so special

Thu 21 Nov, AT 12:25
The Conversation

Fiftieth anniversary prompts philosophy lecturer Alasdair Richmond to pose some timely questions

Five stories about Stuart Freeborn that aren't made up

Thu 7 Feb, AT 13:42

Make-up artist who created Yoda, Chewbacca and Stanley Kubrick's apes has died at the age of 98

Robert Pattinson bans Kristen Stewart from Googling herself

The Tabloids
Mon 8 Oct, AT 13:38

Tabloid tales: R-Patz says 'stop torturing yourself', Cheryl's vitamin jabs in the bum, Beyonce makes Jay-Z fluff cue

Speed of light NOT broken: Icarus takes down Opera

One-Minute Read
Mon 21 Nov, AT 16:10

Rumble at Gran Sasso laboratory as scientists cast doubt on colleagues' amazing findings

Neutrinos still faster than speed of light, say scientists

One-Minute Read
Fri 18 Nov, AT 12:33

Scientists have moved closer to proving that Einstein is wrong and the speed of light can be broken

Albert Einstein

Einstein’s theory of special relativity up in the air

Fri 23 Sep, AT 13:05

We are buggered if this is true, says Oxford professoras researchers at CERN make astounding claim

Jordan; Katie Price

Young people would rather be Einstein than Jordan

Wed 29 Jun, AT 09:17

New survey suggests that the instant fame of reality TV is no longer attractive