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Which recreational drug is the most dangerous?

Tue 24 Feb, AT 14:22

Latest scientific study shows that cannabis is roughly 115 times less deadly than alcohol

Global cancer 'tidal wave': how can it be stopped?

Tue 4 Feb, AT 10:56

Number of cancer cases across the world to reach 24 million by 2035, but half could be prevented

Hangover-free alcohol offers end to morning after

One-Minute Read
Tue 12 Nov, AT 11:53

Professor David Nutt seeks funding for an alcohol substitute that comes without the pain of a hangover

drunk businessman on London Underground escalator

'Drunk' businessman takes on Tube escalator - video

Wed 14 Nov, AT 13:41

Footage of a traveller walking the wrong way down a London Underground escalator goes viral


Defend Mensch against sexism, attack her support of Murdoch

Opinion digest
Fri 4 May, AT 11:26

Opinion digest: sexist abuse online, defending porn and booze, and the absurd art market

Richard Descoings with Nicolas Sarkozy

Another French scandal in NYC? Scholar found dead

One-Minute Read
Wed 4 Apr, AT 12:56

Foul play not ruled out by NYPD after naked body of Richard Descoings discovered

Cameron is not going to solve Britain's drinking problem

Talking Point
Thu 16 Feb, AT 15:03

Brits have a long, troubled relationship with alcohol, which new laws are unlikely to change