Rebel groups in Aleppo

Syria: Aleppo ceasefire offers 'glimmer of hope'

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Wed 18 Feb, AT 09:41

Temporary 'freeze' on fighting may go ahead in Aleppo after government forces said they would halt bombing

Syrian rebels take cover behind a barricade in Aleppo

Syria: who are the rebel groups fighting against Assad?

Thu 14 Aug, AT 13:24

Islamic State militants and Assad's forces encircle Aleppo in what could be tipping point of civil war

A man carries a wounded girl following a 'barrel bomb' attack in Aleppo

Barrel bombs: why are they taking such a toll on Syria?

Mon 28 Apr, AT 15:15

Syria's biggest city is under constant attack from barrel bombs dropped by government helicopters

US condemns Assad for using Hezbollah to retake Qusair

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Thu 6 Jun, AT 09:15

White House calls on Iran-backed Hezbollah to get out of Syria as battle for Aleppo approaches

Asma al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad

Asma Assad shows her face, scotching escape rumours

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Mon 18 Mar, AT 15:39

Bashar al-Assad's wife is alive and well – and has not fled from Syria with her three children

Syrian tailor: How I survived Assad regime firing squad

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Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:58

As shooting started, Mohammed Ali fainted. He awoke to find himself surrounded by dead bodies


Aleppo blast: regime and rebels ratchet up the information war

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Mon 10 Sep, AT 17:32

Free Syrian Army claim responsibility for bomb attack that targeted regime soldiers stationed in hospital

Crispin Black

If Assad falls, is Britain ready to rescue Syria's Christians?

Tue 31 Jul, AT 07:35
Crispin Black

The tolerance shown towards Christians in Syria is unlikely to survive Assad's overthrow by Sunnis