Amazon snaps up The Sopranos in $250m HBO deal

One-Minute Read
Thu 24 Apr, AT 16:48

Multi-year deal will bring classic HBO content, including The Sopranos and The Wire, to Amazon Prime subscribers

Nasdaq Drops

Technology shares in decline: Dotbomb 2.0 or slow puncture?

Personal Finance
Fri 11 Apr, AT 16:17

Shares in tech giants including Google, Yahoo and Facebook fall sharply, but could it be time to invest?

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV will take on Google and Apple

One-Minute Read
Thu 3 Apr, AT 11:43

More than 200,000 films and TV episodes will be instantly available on Amazon Fire TV

TV revolution: BBC-Amazon deal signals the way ahead

Fri 28 Feb, AT 14:22
Holden Frith

Prudent auntie: why the BBC is climbing into bed with Amazon to keep 'Ripper Street' alive

Amazon's top 100 books: no Don Quixote or Moby Dick

Talking Point
Fri 7 Feb, AT 15:35

Its books to read before you die has some surprising omissions, including Robinson Crusoe, Ulysses and Frankenstein

Mein Kampf success down to 'Fifty Shades phenomenon'

One-Minute Read
Wed 8 Jan, AT 15:37

Why is Adolf Hitler's infamous manifesto topping ebook charts 90 years after it was written?

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon drones: don't count on their delivery just yet

Tue 3 Dec, AT 09:55
The Conversation

The idea isn't new and it's easy to get a pilot's licence, says Darren Ansell. So why the delay?

Amazon octocopter drone

Amazon: 'Octocopter' drone promises deliveries by 2015

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Mon 2 Dec, AT 13:19

'Prime Air' drones will deliver in 30 minutes, Amazon says, but air laws will have to change

Amazon logo

Amazon employees 'worked to the bone' in 11-mile shifts

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Mon 25 Nov, AT 15:45

Working conditions could cause 'mental and physical illness', warns stress expert on Panorama

Amazon Kindle Fire HD: round-up of the first reviews

Fri 18 Oct, AT 12:58

How will the latest Kindle Fire fare against competition from Tesco's Hudl and Argos's MyTablet?