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Amazon employees 'worked to the bone' in 11-mile shifts

One-Minute Read
Mon 25 Nov, AT 15:45

Working conditions could cause 'mental and physical illness', warns stress expert on Panorama

Amazon Kindle Fire HD: round-up of the first reviews

Fri 18 Oct, AT 12:58

How will the latest Kindle Fire fare against competition from Tesco's Hudl and Argos's MyTablet?


Tesco to launch its own tablet to rival Apple and Amazon

Mon 19 Aug, AT 10:33

Supermarket giant expected to launch £130 tablet in bid to regain lost profits on books and DVDs

Jeff Bezos stuns US by buying Washington Post – what next?

Talking Point
Tue 6 Aug, AT 13:05

Amazon founder will be 'going boldly where no publisher has gone' predict media commentators

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Amazon posts shock loss of $7m in second quarter

Fri 26 Jul, AT 11:38

Online retail giant's rising operating costs cause profits to fall by same amount they grew last year

Ian Livingston of BT

BT chief executive slams 'publicity seeking' PAC

Fri 26 Jul, AT 10:11

Ian Livingston attacked Margaret Hodge's committee after BT was accused of 'blackmailing the public'

Sainsbury's boss Justin King calls for online sales tax

One-Minute Read
Thu 13 Jun, AT 11:15

Chief executive wants to 'level the playing field' between high street and internet retailers

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Could Amazon move into delivering groceries?

One-Minute Read
Thu 6 Jun, AT 14:29

Online retail giant already has the infrastructure and new venture could expand to Britain

Apple avoided paying billions in tax says US report

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Tue 21 May, AT 12:33

Senate sub-committee accuses tech giant of seeking 'the Holy Grail of tax avoidance'

Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer accused of 'doing an Amazon' on taxes

One-Minute Read
Mon 20 May, AT 13:30

Experts claim high street retailer is avoiding tax by using Ireland as a base for online sales