Marks and Spencer
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20 May, 2013

Experts claim high street retailer is avoiding tax by using Ireland as a base for online sales

Amazon logo
16 May, 2013

Online retailer also received more in government grants last year than it paid in corporation tax

11 Apr, 2013

B-movie actress's $1m lawsuit puts the issue of Hollywood's age discrimination in the spotlight

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05 Apr, 2013

Plan to save stricken music chain, backed by entertainment industry, could save 2,500 jobs

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30 Jan, 2013

Online video site plans to enter subscription market, competing with streaming giants Netflix

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28 Jan, 2013

Ernst & Young partner tells Cameron it's a company's duty to investors to pay the lowest tax possible

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21 Jan, 2013

Record labels would offer preferential terms to keep a high street presence for their products

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16 Jan, 2013

By March, more than third of Britons will own a tablet computer, according to YouGov survey

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15 Jan, 2013

Deloitte appointed as administrators as HMV gives up the fight with 4,350 staff jobs at risk

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07 Dec, 2012

Consumer boycott forces American chain to pay up