30 Jan, 2013

Online video site plans to enter subscription market, competing with streaming giants Netflix

28 Jan, 2013

Ernst & Young partner tells Cameron it's a company's duty to investors to pay the lowest tax possible

21 Jan, 2013

Record labels would offer preferential terms to keep a high street presence for their products

16 Jan, 2013

By March, more than third of Britons will own a tablet computer, according to YouGov survey

15 Jan, 2013

Deloitte appointed as administrators as HMV gives up the fight with 4,350 staff jobs at risk

07 Dec, 2012

Consumer boycott forces American chain to pay up

05 Dec, 2012

George Osborne hits benefit claimants hardest - but many middle-class taxpayers will suffer too

Amazon logo
04 Dec, 2012

VAT avoidance over six years by Amazon and other multinationals could have paid for London Olympics

03 Dec, 2012

MPs urge more aggressive approach to corporations, while Osborne gives HMRC a cash boost

23 Nov, 2012

Justin King says customers have more power than government to force multinationals to pay taxes