Vince Cable
19 Nov, 2012

‘Best off in society have to contribute more – and that includes companies,’ says Business Secretary

16 Nov, 2012

Can people power force multinationals to start paying reasonable taxes? And who will a boycott really hurt?

15 Nov, 2012

John Lewis boss says his company will be out-traded by multinationals like Amazon because they pay less tax

13 Nov, 2012

Latest sprawling instalment of video game franchise is impressive but inconsistent, say critics

13 Nov, 2012

Google and Starbucks also grilled over low tax payments, but Amazon is ordered to send a more knowledgeable exec

12 Nov, 2012

MPs on Public Accounts Committee to quiz executives today over corporation tax claims

05 Nov, 2012

Apple paid only 1.9% tax on profits, adding to controversy over US companies paying low tax rates in Britain

01 Nov, 2012

No wild nights out with Wills and Harry – but nights up ironing autumn leaves for table decorations