Amnesty International

Afghanistan Woman
In Depth
24 Jun, 2015

In 1923 Afghan law gave women equal rights, but the Soviet invasion – and the Taliban – brought violence and oppression

A general view of GCHQ Scarborough
One-Minute Read
12 Jun, 2015

Downing Street faces tough fight after backing away from calls to strip ministers of surveillance powers

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01 Apr, 2015

Amnesty highlights mass sentencing in Egypt, but insists 'progress' towards abolition is being made

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07 May, 2015

Fighting will stop for five days to allow charities to distribute aid if Houthi rebels agree to the deal

The jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
One-Minute Read
25 Feb, 2015

UN Security Council members should lose veto power on humanitarian issues, group says

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24 Nov, 2014

'Courageous' Ghoncheh Ghavami is recovering in Tehran after being released on bail because of 'health problems'

Iraq refugee who fled Islamic State jihadists
One-Minute Read
02 Sep, 2014

Rural areas of Iraq turned into 'blood-soaked killing fields' as militants target ethnic minorities in north

Shackles hang at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
04 Aug, 2014

White House said those responsible were 'real patriots', as human rights groups call for 'legal consequences'

Sex workers protest at Stormont
22 Oct, 2014

Northern Ireland votes to ban paying for sex but campaigners say the move will put sex workers at higher risk

One-Minute Read
27 Mar, 2014

Iran and Iraq drove a worldwide increase, while Texas was responsible for 40 per cent of American executions