Andrew Garfield

Viral videos: what caught fire on the internet this week

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Fri 12 Jul, AT 16:02

Sharks fall from the sky, Dustin Hoffman chokes back tears and Spiderman shoots hoops

Emma Stone sex tape rumours persist

The Tabloids
Fri 23 Nov, AT 12:12

Tabloid tales: Emma Stone 'has sex tape', Taylor Swift wants house near Harry Styles, Owl terrorises village

Amazing Spider-Man reboot adds rom-com to comic caper

Hot Ticket
Fri 6 Jul, AT 08:26

Andrew Garfield makes an appealing Spider-Man, but was it too soon for another remake?


The Amazing Spider-Man film: Twilight in Spandex?

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Fri 22 Jun, AT 09:00

Andrew Garfield plays the first superhero designed primarily for women

The Amazing Spider-Man

Can The Amazing Spider-Man be a box office superhero?

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Tue 19 Jun, AT 13:45

Spider-Man joins forces with Avengers and Dark Knight to save Hollywood's audiences

Terminator: Salvation

He'll be back? Universal could resurrect Terminator

Fri 18 Feb, AT 10:59

Reboot round-up: Cotillard tipped for Batman role and why Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man is 'amazing'

Colin Firth

Shock, horror - Colin Firth is NOT best actor for once

Tue 8 Feb, AT 12:57

Stammering King Colin passed over in favour of Andrew Garfield at ES awards

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

First picture of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Fri 14 Jan, AT 14:32

Sony release image of the British actor playing Peter Parker in Spidey’s new-look spandex outfit