Andrew Marr

Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband
27 Apr, 2015

Or perhaps not? BBC's Nick Robinson among those wondering if Boris did himself any favours

David Cameron in Aberdeen
16 Sep, 2014

Cameron promises he 'won't be here forever' but warns that leaving the UK will be a 'painful divorce'

Don Brind
23 Sep, 2013

Cameron fares better – but since the last election there has been little switching between Tory and Labour voters

Andrew Marr
01 Aug, 2013

Jackie Ashley says lack of community help is false economy and suggests 'carer's leave'

29 Jul, 2013

Vince Cable attacks Home Office ploy as report shows immigration stats are 'little better than a best guess'

22 Jul, 2013

Aussie strategist's conflict of interests will become a running sore if PM doesn't deal with it now

24 Jun, 2013

Clever politics by the chancellor leaves Labour's two Eds in a bind over spending cuts

29 May, 2013

Clegg said to be considering tit-for-tat threat if Tories and Labour join forces to get 'snooper's charter'

15 Apr, 2013

Lycra-clad middle-aged men take note: BBC host blames his stroke on overdoing the rowing machine

 Chancellor George Osborne paints a money box with children during his yearly Christmas party for the Starlight charity
18 Mar, 2013

Chancellor says 'we have to go into Budget by confronting the difficult problems Britain has'