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Andrew Marr


Has Cameron done a 'Granita deal' with Boris Johnson?

Tue 9 Oct, AT 10:16
The Mole

PM laughs at Naughtie's suggestion that he should post Johnson abroad – but refuses to stamp Boris out

Harry Styles is a ‘bonking machine’ says Ed Miliband

Sunday Papers
Sun 30 Sep, AT 10:57

From the Sunday papers: from Ed’s assessment of 1D singer to Boris and Dave’s Sunday lunch

John Major 'economic green shoots' claim shot down

Business Digest
Mon 17 Sep, AT 10:21

Former PM claims economy is recovering, but more bad borrowing figures are expected

Andrew Marr denies affair: It was just a 'drunken clinch'

One-Minute Read
Mon 10 Sep, AT 09:34

BBC journalist photographed fondling colleague outside bar says his wife is 'very cross'

Andrew Marr photographed fondling woman in Soho street

Sunday Papers
Sun 9 Sep, AT 11:14

From the Sunday papers: from Andrew Marr's alleged indiscretion to the bootlegger's son tipped to be Archbishop


Pasty tax U-turn: what's next as Osborne dons the flip-flops?

Tue 29 May, AT 07:31
The Mole

George Osborne's pasty tax climbdown has Ed Balls thinking the 50p tax cut is vulnerable

Queen 'almost ludicrously busy' at 85, says Andrew Marr

One-Minute Read
Tue 31 Jan, AT 11:11

Prince Harry tells BBC documentary that it is the Duke of Edinburgh who helps her keep going

Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr does notdeserve this retribution

Tue 26 Apr, AT 19:06
Antonia Bland

By owning up to his gaggingorder, the BBC man hasunleashed the wrath ofvenomous bloggers