Andrew Marr

10 Jan, 2013

Presenter is said to be sitting up and talking as he begins recovery in hospital

Crispin Black
05 Dec, 2012

Gen Richards can't think of a military reason why the British Army shouldn't go in. Well, some of us can...

Vince Cable
19 Nov, 2012

‘Best off in society have to contribute more – and that includes companies,’ says Business Secretary

Chris Patten
11 Nov, 2012

Newsnight item was cleared at ‘every damned level’ and yet still made a horrendous error, says chairman

09 Nov, 2012

After Boris Johnson and Michael Gove speak out against statutory regulation, other Tories break ranks

05 Nov, 2012

Former Defence Secretary tells Cameron there can't be one rule for the BBC and another for the Tories

21 Oct, 2012

On eve of crucial Panorama, former DG claims it’s unlikely Newsnight received orders from above – but is he right?

15 Oct, 2012

Opinion digest: PM's referendum masterstroke, sexual harassment, UK's failed drugs policy

15 Oct, 2012

Scots deal ramps up the pressure for an in/out vote on EU – and further exposes rift between Tories and Lib Dems