Mitchell scandal sets police and Downing St face-to-face

Wed 19 Dec, AT 10:52 The Mole

It was bad enough when police wore ‘Pc Pleb' T-shirts; now it looks as if they stitched-up a Cabinet minister

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell and 'Plebgate': why it now looks like a stitch-up

Summary Wed 19 Dec, AT 09:00

C4 News exposes how a police officer pretended he could corroborate evidence against Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell

Fears that 'plebgate' cop arrest will muzzle whistleblowers

First Reaction Tue 18 Dec, AT 08:25

Arresting officer who reported Andrew Mitchell's alleged rant will deter informants, say MPs

Nadine Dorries: fate in the balance after jungle stint

One-Minute Read Tue 27 Nov, AT 08:38

MP must face wrath of Chief Whip today after return from I'm A Celebrity reality TV show

Nadine Dorries on Celebrity: more ostrich anus than politics

Talking Point Thu 22 Nov, AT 15:24

Dorries's claim she would use reality show to raise political issues is rubbished by commentators

David Cameron

David Cameron given a bloody nose by new Tory 'bastards'

Thu 1 Nov, AT 08:55 The Mole

Here we go again: Eurosceptics made John Major's life a nightmare – now it's Cameron's turn

Don't bother to vote for police commissioners, says Ian Blair

Mon 22 Oct, AT 10:34 The Mole

That's silly talk, says Justice Minister Grayling, responding to former Met police chief