Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil
05 Feb, 2015

If taking on Big Business proves a turning point in Miliband’s fortunes, only Andrew Neil’s show was on the money

Columnist Nigel Horne
26 Jan, 2015

Greens’ Natalie Bennett in ‘car crash’ interview while Sturgeon and Farage show why they’re a TV threat

10 Jun, 2013

Ranting US conspiracy theorist branded 'worst ever guest' by host of BBC's Sunday Politics programme

14 Feb, 2013

Ed's history lesson: forget Harold Macmillan and remember how Ronald Reagan beat Carter in 1980

13 Dec, 2012

Editor says News Corp 'made it clear' he was no longer welcome at the daily paper

ITN newsreader Alastair Stewart
20 Jul, 2012

The ITN anchor and editor of The Economist has died at the age of 84

23 May, 2012

Prime Minister set to ignore ruling by 'foreign court' that prisoners should be allowed to vote

26 Apr, 2012

'I was the victim - it's cost me hundreds of millions of pounds,' a vicious Murdoch tells Leveson

24 Apr, 2012

Tory MP Nadine Dorries comes back slamming her leader as new poll shows slump in party support

Bank of England
17 Apr, 2012

CPI rises to 3.7%, leaving Mervyn King even further away from government's 2% target