Google Glass
31 Jul, 2015

Google pitches new Glass edition for businesses, but a consumer version could be around the corner

29 Jul, 2015

Hackers can use the vulnerability to read text messages, look at photos and spy on Android owners through their phone's camera game
20 Jul, 2015 is currently at the top of the iTunes charts due to its simple yet compulsive gameplay

Pebble smartwatch
16 Jul, 2015

It won't help you make a fashion statement but the Pebble Time is the best no-nonsense smartwatch around, critics say

05 Jun, 2015

Viral app Dubsmash lets users blend videos with songs, but experts question its legality

08 Dec, 2014

Reviewers 'wowed' by two-screen YotaPhone 2, with a battery-saving e-ink reader on the back

Telephone mast
04 Sep, 2014

Investigation finds 17 rogue towers around the country, some of which appear to be built on US military bases

A Motorola Moto 360 watch seen during the Google I/O Developers Conference
26 Jun, 2014

Cheering fans greeted Google's Android Wear smartwatch system, but many doubts remain

Stephen Colbert discusses Yo on "The Colbert Report"
23 Jun, 2014

Stephen Colbert says new Yo app is 'stupid', but some experts believe it has huge potential

A Windows Phone 7
20 Jun, 2014

Kill switches aim to deter thieves by rendering stolen mobile devices useless