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05 Apr, 2013

Zuckerberg describes it as "the soul of your phone" - but critics warn it's a threat to privacy

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04 Apr, 2013

Special handset could be launched but new version of Android will be main attraction

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05 Mar, 2013

Search giant's shares soar as Apple's sour, despite warm words from Warren Buffett

28 Feb, 2013

But how can the 'geek' behind Google's Android OS tell people what is manly and what isn't?

31 Jan, 2013

Ailing Canadian smartphone manufacturer has one last throw of the dice

21 Jan, 2013

'Apple fever' not over, says one analyst, but sales of new products are falling off too quickly

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08 Jan, 2013

Highlights from the annual technology fair which has got underway in Las Vegas

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02 Jan, 2013

Three-quarters of smartphones sold over festive period featured Android operating system

12 Dec, 2012

Classic role-playing video game, with clever iPad update, withstands the test of time

Steve Wozniak
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03 Dec, 2012

Microsoft and Google are challenging Apple's dominance of the tech gadget market