Google pans Apple maps, but is it working on an iPhone app?

Talking Point Wed 26 Sep, AT 13:47

Eric Schmidt says Apple made a mistake, but iPhone maker might have caught Google on the hop

Apple steals Nokia's thunder with iPhone 5 launch event

First Post Wed 5 Sep, AT 19:58

Apple expected to win back a huge chunk of smartphone market with new device

Apple Inc

Apple loses patent battle with smartphone rival HTC

One-Minute Read Thu 5 Jul, AT 09:08

Ruling allows Taiwanese firm's 'slide to unlock' products to be sold in UK


BB10 launch delayed as losses at BlackBerry pass $500m

One-Minute Read Fri 29 Jun, AT 09:14

Canadian smartphone inventor nears 'breaking point' as 5,000 job cuts are announced

Google HQ

Google and Sony to launch interactive internet TV service

One-Minute Read Mon 25 Jun, AT 11:53

July launch for Android set-top box that will let users surf web and use apps while watching TV


Windows Phone 8: speech, wallet and more games coming

Summary Thu 21 Jun, AT 14:58

Nokia, Samsung, and HTC will support the new Microsoft operating system which will be released in October

Samsung Galaxy S3: is it time to ditch the iPhone yet?

Briefing Fri 4 May, AT 13:54

Follow up to best-selling Android phone has smart features but it just doesn't look or feel the part

Berners-Lee slams government snooping and warns Google

Summary Wed 18 Apr, AT 10:44

Plans to spy on internet use must be stopped; Google and Facebook might not be around forever

Larry Page Sergey Brin

Google profits soar as Page and Brin tighten their grip

One-Minute Read Fri 13 Apr, AT 12:42

'Share-split' will bring in new investors while ensuring founders stay in control of company

The singing Android Geminoid F

Singing Japanese robot unveiled in Hong Kong

Video Wed 11 Apr, AT 14:50

A 'pretty' female robot regales an audience of technology buffs with a ballad