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18 Apr, 2012

Plans to spy on internet use must be stopped; Google and Facebook might not be around forever

Larry Page Sergey Brin
One-Minute Read
13 Apr, 2012

'Share-split' will bring in new investors while ensuring founders stay in control of company

The singing Android Geminoid F
11 Apr, 2012

A 'pretty' female robot regales an audience of technology buffs with a ballad

Google Glass
In Depth
05 Apr, 2012

Google has unveiled its Project Glass 'augmented reality glasses' – and the future is covered in ads

30 Mar, 2012

Smartphone manufacturer Research in Motion refocuses on its core business customers

Angry Birds Space
23 Mar, 2012

Latest Angry Birds game gets the thumbs up as Rovio predict 2 billion downloads

One-Minute Read
13 Feb, 2012

Google's $120m refurbishment looks set to make it a hardware rival to Apple

21 Oct, 2011

His motivation to go after Google may have come from seeing earlier Apple products marginalised

One-Minute Read
20 Sep, 2011

Android’s Google Wallet system allows users pay for goods with their smartphones

Apple iPad
One-Minute Read
31 Aug, 2011

Excitement grows as analysts say Amazon tablet could challenge iPad