HTC mobile phone
One-Minute Read
22 Aug, 2011

Android users won’t have to store credit card details on their smartphones anymore

One-Minute Read
09 Mar, 2011

Questions have been raised over the security of the world’s most popular mobile operating system

One-Minute Read
09 Feb, 2011

Business digest: New CEO warns that the Finnish manufactuer is on a ‘burning platform’

sony ngp
One-Minute Read
27 Jan, 2011

All-new PSP2 console is hailed by gamers as Sony plans to bring Playstation games to Android phones

Apple iPad/iSlate/iTablet
One-Minute Read
19 Oct, 2010

Was the Apple CEO upset at disappointing iPad sales?

Angry Birds
One-Minute Read
06 Sep, 2010

The most popular paid for Apple app is now available on rival devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab
One-Minute Read
17 Aug, 2010

Excitement grows as rumours suggest Samsung is about to unveil its riposte to the iPad

PlayStation phone mock-up
One-Minute Read
12 Aug, 2010

Sony Ericsson's new PSP phone would give Android its first real gamers' phone

Windows Phone 7
One-Minute Read
09 Jul, 2010

Taiwan smart phone firm is set to bring a Windows 7 handset to the UK this year of him since Monday

HTC Desire
One-Minute Read
11 May, 2010

Much rests on the launch of Apple’s latest model as Google smartphones close in on BlackBerry