21 Oct, 2011

His motivation to go after Google may have come from seeing earlier Apple products marginalised

20 Sep, 2011

Android’s Google Wallet system allows users pay for goods with their smartphones

Apple iPad
31 Aug, 2011

Excitement grows as analysts say Amazon tablet could challenge iPad

HTC mobile phone
22 Aug, 2011

Android users won’t have to store credit card details on their smartphones anymore

09 Mar, 2011

Questions have been raised over the security of the world’s most popular mobile operating system

09 Feb, 2011

Business digest: New CEO warns that the Finnish manufactuer is on a ‘burning platform’

sony ngp
27 Jan, 2011

All-new PSP2 console is hailed by gamers as Sony plans to bring Playstation games to Android phones

Apple iPad/iSlate/iTablet
19 Oct, 2010

Was the Apple CEO upset at disappointing iPad sales?

Angry Birds
06 Sep, 2010

The most popular paid for Apple app is now available on rival devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab
17 Aug, 2010

Excitement grows as rumours suggest Samsung is about to unveil its riposte to the iPad