Phone hacking: culture committee pulls punches despite Labour pressure

Tue 1 May, AT 08:07 The Mole

MPs hold back from naming names. But are they being legally prudent - or protecting Cameron?

Andy Coulson

Wanted: a new Andy Coulson to save Cameron from himself

Media Watch Thu 29 Mar, AT 08:00

As the PM suffers a Blairesque 'Jackie Milburn moment', he clearly needs help polishing his man of the people act

'Culture of illegal payments at Sun,' police chief tells Leveson

First Post Mon 27 Feb, AT 13:59

Sensational new claims could explain why Sunday edition of the paper was rushed out so fast

Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks

Hacking: Murdoch execs ‘knew back in 2006’

News Thu 22 Sep, AT 14:13

Met told Rebekah Brooks hacking was widespread ‘earlier than Murdoch team have admitted’

David Cameron

Could phone hacking saga still bring down Cameron?

Wed 7 Sep, AT 14:34 The Mole

Some Tory MPs believe Cameron’s serial lack of judgment should cost him his job

steve coogan

Steve Coogan: why I went after Andy Coulson

News Tue 6 Sep, AT 10:46

Comedian pursuing phone hacking case says he objected to seeing Coulson ‘at the heart of power’

David Cameron and Andy Coulson

Why did NotW pay Coulson after he joined the Tories?

News Tue 23 Aug, AT 12:46

First Reaction: For a political party’s communications director to be in Murdoch’s pay looks unseemly