Conrad Black

Murdoch has no loyalty to anyone, claims Black

News Fri 15 Jul, AT 11:46

Black goes indirectly to jail taking a pop en route at his ‘instinctively downmarket’ rival Rupert Murdoch

Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch

Rebekah Brooks quits as FBI launches 9/11 probe

News Fri 15 Jul, AT 11:43

In London Murdoch accepts resignation of newspaper chief; in New York the pressure builds on his US operation

News of the World

Coulson’s deputy editor arrested over hacking

News Thu 14 Jul, AT 13:36

Neil Wallis arrested as Rebekah Brooks agrees to appear before MPs while Murdochs decline

rupert murdoch

Murdoch’s comeuppance will have downsides too

Tue 12 Jul, AT 11:28 Richard Ehrman

Tories see Murdoch papers as useful counterweight to the left-wing BBC and Guardian

John Yates

Yates faces grilling over phone hacking failures

News Tue 12 Jul, AT 10:43

MPs are to question the police chief who refused to reopen inquiry into News of the World in 2009