An enormous iceberg breaking off the Knox Coast in the Australian Antarctic Territory
18 Mar, 2015

Warm water channels discovered below the Totten Glacier could have global consequences, especially in Northern Hemisphere

03 Jan, 2013

Fernandez's flagging popularity at home is thought to be behind her open letter to David Cameron

19 Dec, 2012

Decision to name a chunk of Antarctica after Queen is provocative, says geopolitics professor

Adelie penguins
10 Jun, 2012

Study from 1915 of sexual habits of Adelie penguins described necrophilia and ‘paedophilia’

Lake Vostok
07 Feb, 2012

Nazi secrets microbes, or nothing? Excitement is building at Russian breakthrough

James Gandolfini
11 Sep, 2011

Drunkenness, insanity and serial adultery at America’s McMurdo research station to be topic for new series