Argentine President Fernandez demands return of Falklands

First Reaction Thu 3 Jan, AT 10:09

Fernandez's flagging popularity at home is thought to be behind her open letter to David Cameron

Queen Elizabeth Land: nice idea, dangerous politics

First Reaction Wed 19 Dec, AT 09:49

Decision to name a chunk of Antarctica after Queen is provocative, says geopolitics professor

Adelie penguins

Shock at sexually ‘depraved’ penguins led to 100-year censorship

First Post Sun 10 Jun, AT 11:36

Study from 1915 of sexual habits of Adelie penguins described necrophilia and ‘paedophilia’

Lake Vostok

Lake Vostok: what lies beneath the Antarctic ice?

Briefing Tue 7 Feb, AT 16:33

Nazi secrets microbes, or nothing? Excitement is building at Russian breakthrough

James Gandolfini

Gandolfini to make comedy about randy Antarctic base

News Sun 11 Sep, AT 15:15

Drunkenness, insanity and serial adultery at America’s McMurdo research station to be topic for new series