Antonio Horta-Osorio

09 Sep, 2013

After failed bid from Co-op, Lloyds turns to 'Plan B' and reopens TSB as a separate bank

Antonio Horta-Osorio
05 Aug, 2013

Sale of government stake could give Antonio Horta-Osorio a bigger windfall than expected

01 Aug, 2013

Chancellor expected to start disposing of government's shares after bailed-out bank bounces back

11 Jun, 2013

Undercover reporter says he was told to ignore fraud fears and 'play the system'

17 May, 2013

Bank is embarking on a systematic review of 'so-called tax havens'

14 May, 2013

'We need to take steps as a sector towards rebuilding our reputation through how we behave and what we do'

George Osborne
02 May, 2013

Chancellor plans to blame Labour government for 'bad deal' on bailed-out banks

30 Apr, 2013

Taxpayer-backed lender making 'substantial progress' but experts warn they still face major challenges

Bank of England
25 Mar, 2013

Private sector catches up with City as 'pay premium' between them narrows

30 Jan, 2013

Bank wants to pay chief massive bonus despite year of scandals