Apple rumours

Angela Ahrendts

Angela Ahrendts: Is move to Apple linked to iWatch launch?

First Reaction
Tue 15 Oct, AT 15:47

Burberry chief's defection to Apple underlines the blurring line between tech and fashion, say experts

Apple: why a 'naff' gold iPhone could work in India and China

Talking Point
Wed 21 Aug, AT 15:41

It might look tacky to Western eyes, but a shiny new iPhone would help Apple in new markets

Will new Apple iPad mini have a high-res Samsung screen?

Talking Point
Thu 1 Aug, AT 16:48

Apple can't shift its business away from Samsung yet, says Wall Street Journal tech correspondent


New Apple iPhone 'to feature biometric fingerprint scanner'

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Tue 30 Jul, AT 16:01

Fingerprint code found in test version of iOS 7 suggests intriguing new feature

It's time for Apple to unveil an iWatch, tech experts say

One-Minute Read
Mon 11 Feb, AT 13:07

Development of 'bendable glass' has cleared way for a smart wrist watch running iOS

Apple plans 'smart shoe' that knows when it's worn out

One-Minute Read
Thu 24 Jan, AT 16:05

Shoes will contain technology that measure use - shame the name iShoe is already taken

iPhone - Pingit

Budget iPhone: is Apple really planning a cheapo version?

Talking Point
Thu 10 Jan, AT 16:05

A cheap Apple phone is a 'terrible idea' that risks diluting the brand, warns one tech critic

Apple Inc

Second Apple exec leaves in wake of maps app debacle

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Wed 28 Nov, AT 14:51

‘Product resuscitator’ Eddy Cue takes over as Apple maps supervisor is removed

Apple iPhone 5S 'due by March 2013' and iTV by June

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Tue 13 Nov, AT 14:48

Far East rumour mill churns out claims about next generation iPhone and iPad, plus an Apple-branded TV

Why Apple asked two senior executives to leave

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Tue 30 Oct, AT 13:25

Apple Maps fiasco was last strike for Forstall, while ex-Dixons chief Browett 'didn't fit in'