Apple rumours

Angela Ahrendts
15 Oct, 2013

Burberry chief's defection to Apple underlines the blurring line between tech and fashion, say experts

21 Aug, 2013

It might look tacky to Western eyes, but a shiny new iPhone would help Apple in new markets

01 Aug, 2013

Apple can't shift its business away from Samsung yet, says Wall Street Journal tech correspondent

30 Jul, 2013

Fingerprint code found in test version of iOS 7 suggests intriguing new feature

One-Minute Read
11 Feb, 2013

Development of 'bendable glass' has cleared way for a smart wrist watch running iOS

One-Minute Read
24 Jan, 2013

Shoes will contain technology that measure use - shame the name iShoe is already taken

iPhone - Pingit
10 Jan, 2013

A cheap Apple phone is a 'terrible idea' that risks diluting the brand, warns one tech critic

Apple Inc
One-Minute Read
28 Nov, 2012

‘Product resuscitator’ Eddy Cue takes over as Apple maps supervisor is removed

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13 Nov, 2012

Far East rumour mill churns out claims about next generation iPhone and iPad, plus an Apple-branded TV

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30 Oct, 2012

Apple Maps fiasco was last strike for Forstall, while ex-Dixons chief Browett 'didn't fit in'